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CRRF has an unique collection of aerial photographs of Micronesian reefs and islands, which are being made available to the scientific and educational community through a CD-ROM program (the first one of these was on Chuuk Reefs and Islands, see below). Aerial photos are used extensively to map habitats and document changes in both marine and terrestrial environments as development marches steadily on.

CRRF completed comprehensive aerial photograph coverage of the reefs and islands of Chuuk Atoll (1992-1995) which is available on a single CD-ROM to scientific users. Additional aerial photographic coverage was taken of the following atolls and islands of the FSM. Complete vertical photo coverage: Chuuk, Kuop, Nomwin, Murilo, East Fayu, Nama, Minto Reef, Pikelot, West Fayu, Elato, Olimaro, and Woleiai. Partial vertical photo coverage: Oroluk, Namonuito, Eauripik, and some others. Oblique photo coverage is available for all islands and reefs in Chuuk State (Pulap, Pulusuk-Houk, Puluwat-Polowat, Etal, Satawal, Lukunor, and Namoluk).

Work is now ongoing on photo coverage of the reefs and islands of Palau, with partial coverage in vertical photos of many areas complete, plus thousand of obliques already taken. This photographic coverage is focused particularly on areas that are undergoing rapid change in Palau. Over the last few years, special emphasis has been placed on Babeldaob Island, the second largest island in Micronesia, due to building of a new highway, known locally as the "Compact Road", which will forever change this lush land.

Clearing for the Compact Road Babeldaob, Palau

Dredging reefs for building materials

Photomosaic of
Woleai, Yap

Photomosaic of
Olimaro, Yap

Photomosaic of Kayangel Atoll, Palau

Ngederaak Reef, Palau

Arakbesang, Palau

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