Echinoderms, anthozoans, and flatworms

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Species Diversity and Biogeography

Stichopus ocellatus

"Eyeball" sea cucumber
New species, 25 meters depth, Palau. Also known from Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Alloeocomatella polycladia

Messing 1995
8-15 meters depth, Holotype: Chuuk. A widely distributed species, now also known from Australia, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines


Halityle regularis
Fisher 1913
New geographic record, Palau


Paraminabea arborea
Williams & Alderslade 1999

New species, 10-12 meters depth, Philippines

Eleutherobia zanahoria
Williams 2000
New species, 25-30 meters depth, Tonga

Pseudobiceros sharroni
Newman 1997
New species,1 meter depth, Palau


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