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Tropical Pacific Invertebrates

- Out of Print-

Patrick L. Colin and Charles Arneson, 1995



Soft cover - Out of Print


CDROM 2nd Edition $29.95 (includes shipping)


Tropical Pacific Invertebrates: soft cover is out of print; CD-ROM for Sale by the Author!

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Tropical Pacific Invertebrates




"Today's educated divers want to identify what they are seeing and what they return with in their underwater photography after each excursion into the marine world. As a producer of films about the marine world it is essential for me to have accurate references. 'Tropical Pacific Invertebrates' finally provides that reference. Many of us have been awaiting it for a long while and rejoice that it is now available. I would not leave home for the Pacific without it."
- Stan Waterman (Cinematographer/Producer)

"Finally, a comprehensive guide to western Pacific marine invertebrates. Authoritative and beautifully illustrated, this book will raise our appreciation and understanding of marine life to a new level. Tropical Pacific Invertebrates will be a valuable reference for years to come."
- Bill Hamner (Professor, University of California, Los Angeles).



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